Selena Gomez Falls Off Stage! [WATCH]

Selena Gomez Falls Off Stage! [WATCH]

photo: Reuters

Selena takes a tumble!

This is hilarious! Selena Gomez was literally brought to her knows in Tulsa, Oklahoma during the Revival Tour. And this time, it wasn’t because of intense fan love.

While performing her newest song “Kill ‘Em With Kindness,” Selena lost her footing while making her way towards the front of the stage and fell straight onto her knees!

Being the easy-going gal she is, she laughed it off instantly with her fans. Right after the tumble, she jokes with her fans about her “first fall on the whole damn tour!”

Ironically enough, the incident occurred immediately after her ex, Justin Bieber, took his spill on stage. Funny coincidence, is it not?

Selena Gomez is constantly reminding us with her actions that even big-time celebrities are ordinary people too. This is just another one of those moments that make us love Selena even more!

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