Lil Wayne Hospitalized Following Severe Seizure

lil wayne

photo: Wenn

Lil Wayne is now in Miami after the scary event.

Lil Wayne, 33, spent a portion of last week in the ICU after suffering from another seizure. The rapper experienced the scary medical emergency moments before he was supposed perform during a pre-UFC 200 party at the TAO nightclub in Las Vegas, TMZ reported.

The seizure was said to be “severe,” but the entertainer has since been released from the hospital and is currently recuperating in Miami.

Lil Wayne, who has epilepsy, suffered the seizure due to an issue with his medication dosing levels, according to TMZ. The performer has had several seizures in the last few months as his doctors struggle to find the correct balance of medications for his system. Last month, his private jet was forced to make two emergency landings due to seizure episodes which resulted in hospitalization.

Best wishes to Lil Wayne as he recovers from this latest bout. We hope his condition gets under control quickly!

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