A Few Of Our Fav Harry Styles Tweets

A Few Of Our Fav Harry Styles Tweets

photo: Reuters

He can sing, he's gorgeous, and he's hilarious!

Oh,Harry Styles. It’s hard to believe that the 22-year-old British cutie has been in our lives for six years, ever since One Direction burst onto the scene in 2010. While One Direction has since split, Harry has still continued to have an active career, and a hilarious Twitter account!

Check out some of our fav of Harry’s Twitter moments:

When Harry announce to the world that sometimes suspicious gels are best left untasted…

Like most of us, he’s not great at multi-tasking.

Harry sure has a lot of food mishaps! LOL

When Harry used his long locks to try to sneak is way into the group that gave us ‘MMBop’

He’s just like us, on the couch, in a robe, enjoying some nice sausage.

When he joked about being ‘shipped’ with Louis Tomlinson.

When he admitted to loving Christmas songs just as much as we do.

What’s depper, the bottom of the ocean, or Harry Style’s brain?

Someone get this boy some almonds, stat.

The beginnings of a great poet.

Deep thoughts? Or is he stating a simple fact? We may never know…

Everyone loves a good pun.

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