Jack Osbourne Writes Open Letter Regarding Life with Multiple Sclerosis

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Read excerpts from Jack Osbourne's moving letter here.

Ozzy and Sharon’s son Jack Osbourne, 30, described being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis four years ago as the “scariest moment” of his life in a candid open letter published by People to mark World MS Day.

The married father of two young daughters, Pearl and Andy, wrote:

“Multiple Sclerosis. Two words that changed my life forever.

When I learned I had relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis four years ago, it was the scariest moment of my life. I was only 26 years old, I had just become a father and I thought my whole life was in front of me – but there I was, being told I had an incurable and often debilitating illness. I had so many emotions and so many questions, and, frankly, I was terrified of the unknown.”

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Jack credits his wife Lisa and family for supporting him as he learned more about the disease and sought out answers for how the condition would impact his daily life. He also applauds the many caregivers and family members that make sacrifices to help make a life possible for many people living with MS.

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“Looking forward, I would like to remove the stigma associated with the disease that has prevented so many people from pursuing their dreams. Unfortunately, it’s still very common for people who are suffering with MS to keep it very secretive. Especially in their place of work. It’s days like today that can help change all of that – share your story and let’s band together to encourage one another to keep after our dreams.”

Well said, Jack. He is currently bringing more attention to MS through his work on the You Don’t Know Jack About MS campaign. Check it out to learn more about the neurological condition and to read up on valuable patient resources.

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