Elizabeth Taylor: Hollywood Royalty

Elizabeth Taylor: Hollywood Royalty

photo: Studio Portrait

Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor (February 27, 1932 – March 23, 2011) 1) She was born near London, England, but here parents were Americans from Arkansas City, Kansas. The family returned to the United States when WWII broke out. 2) Her life as a child actor interrupted her education. She did basic math on her fingers. 3) She didn't like being called just "Liz." She felt it was a name that you could "hiss."

4) She used to shave her face to get rid of all fine hair and exfoliate her skin. (Strange beauty secret!)

5) Taylor was one of the first major celebs to pose nude for ‘Playboy.’

6) Her voice was behind Maggie Simpson’s first word.

7) At 14, Liz wrote a children’s book called ‘Nibbles and Me.’

photo: Studio Portrait

8) She first married Conrad Hilton Jr. at age 18. (Yes, THAT Hilton family. She is Paris Hilton’s great aunt by marriage.)

9) Liz was pronounced dead in 1960 while filming ‘Butterfield 8’ due to a bout with pneumonia. Well, they were way wrong…

10) Her first date was at age 16, but she would go on to marry 7 different men.

11) She didn’t go anywhere or do anything without wearing perfume.

12) Taylor was a major fan of ‘Law & Order.’

13) Liz outlived the New York Times reporter who wrote her obituary by 6 years!

14) She was born with the genetic mutation, distichiasis, which gave her 2 sets of eyelashes. Not a bad mutation to have…

photo: Studio Portrait

15) Taylor is the subject of at least 53 books.

16) She was most proud of her work in the 1966 film, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

17) Liz’s mother, Sara Sothern, was at first leery about launching her young daughter’s film career.

18) Taylor fell off of her horse while filming National Velvet. This incident led to a lifetime of back issues.

19) Howard Hughes proposed to Taylor by randomly landing a helicopter near her and showering her with diamonds. She declined…

20) Her three loves were her late husband Mike Todd, Richard Burton, and jewelry.




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